After long time….starting again….

” you’re so beautiful i’m in the mood for love
       simple because you’re near me
all my dreams come true my memories of love
       will be of you, so good!…. “


…Those lines are quoted from my daily notebook, which I used to write… couple of year back. From my younger age I think it was one of my bad habit to write daily notes/diary! Umm… bad habit??? Writing can’t be a bad habit. Why I’m saying so? Its not bad to write down what you feel…. but it is bad when other than you get their hands into your diary….lol. When i realized that I stopped writing 🙂 well, Blogging make me feels like writing daily note. That’s why um saying all this.

However, I’ve been thinking over a year now to start writing blogs. Yet don’t know what should I write about… of-course not about my personal feelings 🙂 I used to write in my notebook. Other than…yeh, it can be anything isn’t it?

Can be beauty blogs, my tours, my dreams, daily life experience….bla bla bla….

My only intention to write in web is the hope that someone might find something useful out of it. Actually it feels good to let people know about own experience as well. So… this is gonna be my blog about…. and wishing to continue from now 🙂

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