About GreenStory

In the year of 2011, GreenStory was founded in London, by Tamanna Islam as a personal blog. The color ‘Green’ is not her top favorite to be the reason behind naming this beauty and lifestyle portal.

When it came to naming the site, GREEN-word was picked because the color ‘green’ symbolizes being alive. Tamanna wanted to share the story of her most lively part of life, which is all about beauty and lifestyle, with the world.

That’s how this beauty and lifestyle portal was named ‘GreenStory’.

GreenStory aims to spread

the GREEN (alive & exciting) perspective

of the modern world

within the context of beauty and lifestyle.

GreenStory always supports eco-friendly environment and organic products, however, we were never about green products or any other organic product promotion. GreenStory was born as a blog and always will be a blog about beauty and lifestyle which will tell the story of a lady life.

Thank you for being with us and supporting GreenStory.

– Team GreenStory.