NU SKIN AgeLOC Boost Micro current device review

NU SKIN AgeLOC Boost Microcurrent Treatment Device Review | way to get bright & bouncy skin in 2 minute

A couple of months ago from today, I started my NU SKIN ageLOC Boost skincare journey. 2 minutes every day that’s how I aimed for. And so here I’m to share with you my experience with the AgeLOC Boost microcurrent device by NU SKIN. Keep reading 🙂 Advanced Skincare and beauty devices always excite me. This microcurrent device…

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Practk Power Blender

Practk Power Blender | Affordable makeup blending sponge that you can count on!

Did you know about Sigma Beauty’s sister brand Pracktk? Practk offers affordable yet high-quality beauty tools you can count on. Very recently they launched their version of makeup blending sponge call Practk Power Blender. These latex-free beauty sponges come in three colors, green, purple and blue. I’ve got two of them and they look simply cute!…

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Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush

Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set | Upscale your skincare game by assuring comfort PLUS hygiene

Have you tried a brush in your skincare routine to apply those skincare products? My skincare game went up a notch since I’ve been using Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush set in my skincare routine. These Sigma skincare brushes feel so gentle (almost like gives a skin massage) while applying skincare products with them. Sigma Skincare…

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