Did you ever realize that there is a difference between normal sadness and extream sadness/depression? Feeling depressed is normal but when your depression gets to an intense level and that is not leaving you for more than a couple of weeks then dearie your stage is clinical? It’s not silly, so many of us are unaware of this and that leads us towards serious loss. We could prevent that if we were aware if we had hands to help and care. Depression is a treatable medical condition, we just need to educate ourselves.

But actually today I’m here to talk about a Beauty Bag, exciting right?
However, it’s all about supporting a good cause. I’m happy to be a part of ‘I Will Be Okay – Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign. It’s a non-profit charity campaign to educate and raise awareness of mental illness as well as to encourage those who are suffering from depression to seek the help they need. Agree or not, not many of us don’t have the courage to talk about our sadness. We better suffer but we won’t talk it out exactly when we need proper help and counseling. It’s time to change, conquer the depression.

This Limited Edition Beauty Bag is the 2nd project of the #IWillBeOkay campaign. I appreciate the great initiative our KL blogger friend, Fiona Loh from the blog Street Love (street-love.net), took to educate people. Earnings from this project will go to #IWillBeOkay Fund, which will be used to help those in need i. e. future campaigns, events, donations, and much more.

So, what are we getting with the I Will Be Okay, ‘Fight Against Depression’ Beauty Bag? 

  • The Limited Edition #IWillBeOkay Jute Bag (pictured above), exclusively designed by our Fiona, of course! Isn’t it a perfect fit for any makeup lover? I love how sturdy the bag is. The material isn’t like other normal soft jute but a good one.
  • Discount Vouchers. A 50% OFF Murad facial treatment voucher and Mini Mini Cafe RM50 Cash Voucher (no min purchase).
  • Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy Body Oil 60ml | RM94.35
    Linden Leaves Synergy Body OIl

A handmade, natural aromatherapy body oil from New Zealand. Claims to minimize wrinkles, scar and stretch mark. Infused with rose hip and avocado oil. I’m looking forward to giving it a try. But for now, I’m in love with the flower thingy it has inside. I will show you that someday 🙂

  • Murad Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum 5ml and Essential-C Day Moisture 21ml | RM215 (both)
    Murad Skin Care

Almost recently I got my hand in Murad Skincare and I’m already in love. You know, they are quite expensive so these two minis of Murad skincare made me excited. Because I had my eye on the Vitamin-C moisturizer and now I can try it out before making a purchase.

  • Breena Beauty Eye Makeup Brush, worth RM25
    Breena Beauty Eye Brush

If you’re following me on my Instagram then you must have noticed that I already have the full Breena Beauty Eye Essential Set. They’re quite good synthetic brushes. My favorite from the set was exactly this one. By the way, there are 2 different type of eye makeup brushes you might get in the bag. B212 Basic Eyeshadow and B216 Brow Definer, which will be given randomly.

  • Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Translucent | RM60
    Physician Formula Glow Booster

Oh dear, this is my favorite and definitely the star product of #IWillBeOkay beauty bag 🙂
This one product worth more than half of the bag price. I’m glad that we are getting a translucent Happy Booster so no one has to worry about its shade.

  • Clinivita Marine Placenta Concentrate 15ml, worth RM158
    Clinivita Marine Placenta Concentrate

I never tried any placenta serum or anything from Clinivita. Thus I’m actually pretty curious about this product. It contains fish collagen and milk protein like rich ingredients. Claims to reduce scars from acne, injury or surgery. No doubt I’m going to take my time to experiment with it in peace.

Did you find the Bag purchase worthy???

Wait wait… let me tell you more… There are some exciting options as well.

  1. Super Early Bird Special
    Super Early Bird Special 1
    First 14 Super Early Bird Special buyers will get a full-size fragrance either Scent Maker or Max Gordon from Parkson Malaysia worth more than RM200 a bottle. The perfume will be given randomly. Each bottle is worth more than RM200. Limited to one per person only. Although I don’t think this gift is still available. #IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag is literally flying away. 

  2. Early Bird Special
    Early Bird Special 1
    Next 10 Early Bird Special buyers will get a full-size Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo (read my review here) worth RM31.70 a bottle. Also limited to one per person only.]
  3.  Surprise Gift
    Surprise Gift 1
    20 lucky subscribers will receive one of this Pure Beauty CC Cream worth RM49.90 thanks to Watsons Malaysia. It will be randomly given away.



Where To Buy?

Order yours from here
👉🏼   bit.ly/iwbok

#IWillBeOkay Beauty Bag
is a Limited Edition Beauty Bag, available for a limited time. There are only 50 bags for sale.
Each bag is selling for RM99 only (flat shipping fee of RM15 will be charged separately). For RM99 you get a bag of products worth RM611 in total.



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