Essence Cosmetics Nail polish Haul and Thoughts…

Essence Cosmetics Nailpolish

Hello there…
If you are following me on Facebook then you already know that couple of week before I hauled from Essence. Yes, recently few shops are having Essence Cosmetics stand here in Bangladesh. I’m a fan of their clear mascara since I know Essence Cosmetics yet haven’t really tried their other product. I was quite excited to try their nail polishes. As soon as I got to know that my local store having Essence Cosmetics stand I literally ran there and bought all these polishes! Craizy me!!

I got.. from top left:

*that’s what I mint!
*free hugs
*crazy fancy love
*the green & the grunge
*wanna be your sunshine
*space queen
*break through
*gel look topcoat
*nail art express dry drops
*off to miami!

I have been trying trying all these colors around the week and I have to say I’m totally impressed by the quality of essence nail polish. They are thin in texture, they it takes 2/3 coats to get the opaque color but for deeper shades 2 coat is more than enough. Does dry within a decent amount of time and once it dry its on for long! I was surprised to see that with all my kitchen job my nail polish didn’t chip a bit for four days! I believe, they would even last more if I didnt have to do kitchen task. For me the lasting power was excellent and I don’t really keep same manicure more than four days, I get bored.

Between all these ‘space queen’ is my favorite! Its a glitter topcoat with fine holographic glitter. These days I feel line putting it on with every polish I wear :)

Essence space queen

Essence space queen

Another favorite of mine is ‘the green & the grunge’. I never had such beautiful green in my collection before.

Essence the green & the grunge

Essence the green & the grunge

However, I’m totally disappointed with Essence Gel-look topcoat. Gel-look, that’s a big no! It doesn’t give any sort of gel look, top of that, it doesn’t dry. I put it on over night, it didn’t work. Additionally, the topcoat forms bubble withing 30 minute which was literally annoying. I also tried the Essence express dry drop over the gel-look topcoat but didn’t work at all. About the express dry drops, its nothing fancy! Just like all other dry drops available in market.

Essence express dry drop & gel-look topcoat

Essence express dry drop & gel-look topcoat

Here is some manicure picture with Essence Cosmetics nail polish…


wearing ‘the green & the grunge’ and ‘break through’


wearing ‘that’s what I mint’ and ‘lol’


wearing ‘off to miami’ and ‘crazy fancy love’ …topped up with ‘space queen’


wearing ‘free hughs’ and ‘that’s what I mint’

All Essence Cosmetics nail polish  are priced BDT 230/- (exclude VAT)
The express dry drop is BDT 360/- (exclude VAT)

…..I’m looking forward to get more nail color from Essence Cosmetics! I cant resist.. all are so pretty to pass by and obviously I’m sold by their quality!


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    Najia Samantha Islam
    July 17, 2016 at 8:58 pm

    Do you know in which shops they have essence cosmetics counter

    • Reply
      Tamanna I.
      July 17, 2016 at 9:00 pm

      Hi Najia, I use to shop from Uttara family needs. I heard that gulshan lavender and other big suppershops has essence

  • Reply
    June 23, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    Thank you so much for the review!! I was looking for a good review ever since I saw the essence counter at my local store!! Now I can go out and buy some :D

    I had one request. Could you please do a comparison post on Flormar nailpolishes and drying top coats and Essence nail polishes and the dry drops. Especially the dry drops. I have like 0 patience when it comes to drying nailpolishes and these things are lifesavers for me. I got some from Sally Hansen when I went to Malaysia but they’re finished now and I was looking for a good local alternative :D

    • Reply
      Tamanna Islam
      June 23, 2014 at 6:26 pm

      well in short, essence polishes are better than flormar for its staying power. if i say about transparent top coat only then flormar is best still but flormar supershine topcoat is out of market now.
      for dry drops, flormar doesnt have one. i have another dry drop by revlon. i found essence n revlon dry drops are same in quality. i’ll post an in depth review on dry drops soon in blog.

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