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I’m such a bad blogger that I haven’t posted anything detailed about my much-loved cleansing device Clarisonic Mia 2 but just a few little word in my previous post. However, I’m happy to let you guys know that Clarisonic recently introduced the first-ever compact version of their cleansing gadget Mia FIT and a specially designed one just for men – Alpha FIT.


About Clarisonic:

Clarisonic invented sonic skin cleansing in 2004 and today has sold over 10 million of its patented – and much loved – devices that help to reveal younger-looking skin. Available in more than 50 countries around the world, Clarisonic’s mission is to beautifully transform skin and it does that by cleansing skin 6X better than hands alone. Gentle enough for twice-a-day use, they are the #1 most recommended by US dermatologists. Clarisonic’s award-winning devices are distributed through dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, spas, prestige retailers and online at Clarisonic is headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA and is part of the L’Oreal Group.



Clarisonic Mia FIT | Compact Sonic Cleansing Device for Women

Upgrade Your Outdated Skin Cleansing Routine with a New Clarisonic Device That Provides the Gift of Healthy-Looking Skin into the Palm of Your Hand.

Clarisonic®, the creator of the #1 bestselling skin cleansing device today introduces MIA FIT–it’s most compact and versatile device yet. This new device provides a gentle and effective cleanse wherever your life takes you – the gym, the aeroplane, work or home. Cleansing with Mia FIT only takes 60 seconds and the result is skin that that looks and feels amazing. The Mia FIT has the power of a full- sized Clarisonic device in a new design that is half the size– delivering a gentle on-the-go cleanse that is 6X better than using hands alone.

Clarisonic Mia FIT is specifically engineered for women who need a skincare routine that easily fits their busy lives. This travel-friendly design is comfortable to hold and is small enough to stash in a gym bag, carry-on or bathroom drawer. Like Alpha Fit, Clarisonic’s first-ever men’s device, Mia FIT features both a new shape and two streamlined settings to target every cleansing need. Setting 1 provides a 60-second delicate cleanse for everyday impurities, and Setting 2 provides an 80-second power cleanse, perfect for after workouts or for long-wear makeup removal. The Mia FIT also comes in three beautiful shades – pink, blue and white.

In a consumer study*after four weeks of using a Mia FIT daily regimen:

  • 96% report having softer, smoother and more refreshed feeling skin.
  • 100% claim the regimen effectively removes impurities from the skin.
  • 94% claim their skin looks more radiant.
  • 100% agree their skin feels deeply cleansed after use. 
Despite millions of passionate Clarisonic device owners, sonic cleansing is still an investment (which I personally strongly believe) that many of you haven’t made yet. An online survey conducted by Harris Poll* found that 52% of adults still use their hands to cleanse their face. The study also found that over half of the women agree that great skin is more important than a great body, and 89% of women agree that they feel more confident when their skin is clear and youthful-looking. 
“People embrace the latest innovations in every aspect of their life – so why not think twice about what you’re using to cleanse your skin?” said Dr. Robb Akridge, co-founder and global president of Clarisonic. “Wash cloths and hands have been used to cleanse skin for generations because people still believe that these outdated routines deliver great results. Every Clarisonic device, including our new Mia FIT, provides a better, more effective way to have clean, soft and healthy-looking skin.”

The new Mia FIT also features the Radiance Brush Head with smooth, soft bristles that deliver a luxurious and effective cleansing experience. This unique and patented brush head is velvety-soft and helps to improve skin texture. Every Mia FIT sold also includes the Skin Illuminating Cleanser that is formulated with Licorice Root extract, Peppermint Leaf extract and Ginko Biloba Leaf extract to provide a more radiant complexion.


Clarisonic Alpha Fit – Just For Men

More than Half of the Men in around the world are washing their faces with something as dirty as a circulated Ringgit notes…Their Hands!

Clarisonic® is asking men and the people who love them to up their game with skin care. As many of us have witnessed, men typically don’t take care of their face (my man totally doesnt…phew!). An online survey commissioned by Clarisonic and conducted among over 2,000 adults confirmed that men aren’t taking care of their faces as well as they could be. Sure, some men shave, but when it comes to cleansing their face, a majority (56%) use their hands – with one-third (33%*) doing so with body wash or a bar of soap, 14%* using facial cleanser, and 9%* using their hands with just plain water. Alpha Fit, Clarisonic’s new sonic cleansing device for men, is designed to cleanse men’s skin 6X better than using hands alone and effectively cleanse both shaven and bearded skin.

Clarisonic Alpha Fit is specifically engineered to sweep away dirt, oil, sweat and pollution from a man’s tougher, thicker skin from the first use giving you the extra clean feeling. The waterproof, compact design fits easily in a suitcase, gym bag, shower or bathroom cabinet and features a unique men’s brush head jam-packed with 26,000 bristles that are 30X better at removing blackheads. The technology is easy to use with two simple settings – one for clean-shaven skin and one for the bearded skin. In another recent study conducted by Clarisonic, after a month of use, 100% of men felt their skin was cleaner, more comfortable, and smoother2, and more than 90% felt their skin was energized, revived, and hydrated.

“We’re thrilled to announce that Alpha Fit is available across the nation for all men to use and experience just how great it feels to have clean and healthy-looking skin,” said Dr. Robb Akridge, co- founder and global president of Clarisonic. “For over a decade, Clarisonic has been loved by women and men alike. But let’s face it, men’s skin is different and they deserve a Clarisonic device built just for them – providing a great cleanse, a better shaving experience and a way to clean the hard-to-reach skin underneath the facial hair.”

Alpha Fit isn’t an extra step for men in their cleansing regimen, just a better one. To explain why cleansing with hands alone isn’t good enough, Clarisonic created an infographic sharing the results of the Harris poll and what those results mean when it comes to cleansing skin.

Hands are the most exposed part of the body to germs, and on average, a man’s hand carries 3,200 bacteria from 150 species (about the same amount as found on a circulated dollar bill). Plus, men (17%) are more likely than women (12%) to admit they do not always wash their hands after using the bathroom and men (76%) are significantly less likely than women (82%) to say they always use soap when washing their hands. Not only are they using those dirty hands to wash their face, if they’re using a bar of soap to wash their face instead, which can actually dry out your skin, it can be assumed that they are also using the same bar of soap or cleanser to clean their feet, their derriere, and some other body parts that shall remain nameless.

Clarisonic aims to remind each man that investing in his face is the most important, most authentic, most long-term investment he can make. He is likely to spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on his shoes, his watch, his car—his image. So why not his face?



Shopping Info:

Mia FIT and Alpha FIT (RM890) will be available from August onwards at CLARISONIC KIOSK & SEPHORA, nationwide.
International can buy from Nordstrom (they’re having a huge sale until July’16)


*** Press Release.


  1. omg, this Mia Fit looks so cute! i always wanted to get a clarisonic but it’s kinda over my budget. but these are so cute, especially the pink one. i might just get it if i see them in my local stores.

  2. omg, this Mia Fit looks so cute! i always wanted to get a clarisonic but it’s kinda over my budget. but these are so cute, especially the pink one. i might just get it if i see them in my local stores.


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