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Hie there beautiful, how you doing? If you’re following me on my social media then you must have noticed around in the middle of March’16 I was sent these gorgeous bundle of Elysium Brushes. Elysium is a Hong Kong based online company, aims to provide highest quality makeup brushes with an affordable price tag. I have been playing with them a lot for last two months. They have gone through all my experiment so far and finally I think I can state my opinion on Elysium brushes.

So first let tell you about the sets/brushes I got…

Elysium Face & Eye Bundle AKA Deluxe Set:

Face Bundle comes with 10 brushes…

  1. Alpha
  2. Multiplication
  3. Infinity
  4. Square Root
  5. Cube Root
  6. Division
  7. Factorial
  8. Beta
  9. Beta Z
  10. Integral

Eye Bundle come with 8 brushes…

  1. Integral
  2. Epsilon
  3. Delta
  4. Pi
  5. Omega
  6. Upsilon
  7. Subset
  8. Selection

All these 17 brushes mainly come within the Elysium Deluxe set but the option to buy them as a face set or eye set (the brush Integral comes as common one in both set) definitely more convenient. I love that each brush has their own unique name so they are easy to mention/remember.

Elysium Contour Brushes:

There are three flat contour brushes comes in the Face bundle or in the deluxe set. Alpha, Beta and Beta Z. Beta has natural bristle and other two has synthetic hair. Alpha is bigger in size, nicely packed bristle, and short length compared to other two. These type of flat contour brushes are very popular at the moment among all makeup lover like I’ve been loving my Zoeva flat contour brush lately. Needless to say, Zoeva is definitely a bit pricey that Elysium so I won’t compare them.
All three Elysium contour brushes work nicely but I find three same type of brushes wasn’t necessary within one set. Alpha along is enough for cream or powder contour.


Fact’s I love about Elysium Brushes:

Initially, I love how these brushes look. The gunmetal wooden barrel is well made and surely gives a luxe feeling. Elysium brushes have two types of bristle, natural and synthetic. Both types of bristles are generously soft, especially I’m impressed with the synthetic bristle ones. they feel incredibly smooth on skin. Each brush is fairly dense, I guess just the way they were purposed. I love the fact that all of these brushes also comes with their own brush guard(I forgot to take snap those), a plastic mesh that helps to keep the brush shape on while drying or anytime.


Facts I don’t appreciate:

I won’t lie, this was very unexpected but I find most of my Elysium brushes doesn’t have a nice and even cut. Due to the ‘not-so-perfect’ cut of the eye brushes (picture above) they poke skin while using, hard to pack product and doesn’t give an even application. Now this ‘cut’ issue is more prominent with eye brushes and natural hair brushes but the synthetic ones also have the same problem but as they are incredibly soft so you don’t really feel that while using.
Quite a few of them also shred bristles frequently while working with them or washing them, they feel not glued inside properly .


My Favorite Elysium Brushes:

  • Selection ($7 / BDT520): It’s the smallest brush in the whole collection. Slightly rounded edge, densely packed short  synthetic bristle. Perfect for a cream product. I love using it to smudge my liner and also to apply my lipstick.
  • Pi ($8 / BDT580): This is my most favorite brush from the whole collection. The shape of it is similar to MAC217, a perfect one to apply and blend crease shadow.
  • Integral ($9 / BDT620): Its a densely packed synthetic bristle brush with a rounded top. I love using it to apply under eye concealer or my eyelid primer.
  • Square Root ($12 / BDT850): A natural hair brush with oval top. Not much but dense enough, works great applying blush or bronzer.
  • Division ($11 / BDT800): Its has kind of duo-fiber feeling to it. The root of the brush is dense but the tip is less dense and soft. The shape of division reminds me of Real Techniques contour brush. I find it appropriate for placing powder under the eye are to set concealer. And obviously, if you have a smaller face you might find it very helpful as a contour brush.
  • Factorial ($11 / BDT800): It’s a natural hair brush specially meant for highlighter application. Bristles in it are slightly long so it’s flexible to work with highlight powder. Can deposit just the right amount of product in your high points.


Overall thoughts:

I absolutely love how these brushes look and how soft the synthetic one feels, however, I can’t justify their uneven cut. Within the Face or deluxe set, I feel there should’ve some dense brush or just a regular flat foundation brush for foundation application rather than three contour brush. I relly miss a thin round or angle brush for eyeliner or such work within the eye set/deluxe set. If there were a typical foundation brush and an eyeliner brush the deluxe set would have been a complete set.

Looking at the price range and the quality I think it’s better to buy single pieces of Elysium brushes (you can take my favorites as a reference, they’re really good) rather than the whole set. Although, it is possible that my ones are only one that doesn’t have an even cut and not glued inside properly.

Do I recommend them? Yes, of course, I do recommend the one I mentioned as my favorite, their other face brushes according to your need. To be more precise If you’re looking for flat contour brushes then you may consider Elysium contour brushes.


Shopping Info:

Elysium Deluxe Set (includes all 17 brushes) | $150 / BDT 10,000
Elysium Face Bundle | $110 / BDT 7,200
Elysium Eye Bundle | $45 / BDT 3,200

You can purchase them directly from Elysium Website or if you’re in Bangladesh you can get them from NexGen Limited (authorized reseller of Elysium in BD)
PS: Use code ‘GreenStory16‘ to avail 10% off from Elysium website and 5% off from Nexgen.





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