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Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control VS Whitening, SPF50+ PA+++ 3rd Genaration

Laneige BB Cushion | 3rd Generation

This year at the end of June, Laneige launched their newly formulated, in a futuristic way, 3rd Generation BB Cushion. The way the Laneige BB Cushion compact look, sleek and holographic, you’ll instantly fell in love with. Laneige introduced two types of cushion compact so everyone can find a perfect match according to their needs.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan of cushion compact before. Mainly because of the limited shade range but this time there was a change, they had my shade (happy dance)! I’ve been trying them out ever since I got them in hand and now I’m here to share my experience with you guys.

Laneige BB Cushion - Pore Control

The new Laneige BB Cushion features 3 key factor:

  • 3D Skin Fit Cushion
    The new improved cushion is strong and with just enough elasticity which allows you to pick up the desired amount of product easily and evenly with the puff. The BB liquid adheres lightly and thinly onto the skin providing a transparent makeup look.
  • Super Flex Lasting
    This new feature intensifies the long lasting effect of smooth and even skin texture by the anti-darkening film layer. The anti-darkening film layer works automatically when applied, concealing facial wrinkles and protects makeup all day keeping up the brightness.
  • Hydro Ion Mineral Water
    The new BB cushion is now upgraded with Laneige’s signature Hydro Ion Mineral Water that contains 6 minerals (Manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Potassium, and Sodium) and 3 essential vitamins (A, C, and E) which assures hydrated skin all day and more lasting power.


Laneige BB CushionLaneige BB Cushion

With all new technology, Laneige BB Cushion comes in two different types.

  1. BB Cushion – Whitening
    – incorporates the patented Sparkling Coat Technology with the application of Magic Pigment System. The pigment system uses micro-sized pearls with two different colour schemes (white or silver). White pigment offers bright glowy look while silver offers a moisturizing radiant look, also deflects light by 360 degrees. Water coating technology of this one provides a moist and smooth complexion for a natural dewy look. It also claims to brighten the skin from inside for its Melacrusher technology.
  2. BB Cushion – Pore control
    – offers two-step oil control while minimizing pores and blurs out the uneven skin texture. Its dual powder formula controls sebum and gives a semi-matte, a soft and glowy look that last all day long.

Apart from those major differences both type of the BB Cushion has broad-spectrum sun protection(SPF50+ PA+++) and claims to be water resistant.


For the first time in my knowledge, Laneige BB Cushion is offering a vast range of shade with undertone variety. They are available in total 8 shade, 6 shade (13, 21, 23, 31, 33, 35) in neutral/warm undertone and 2 shade (13C, 21C) in cool tone. I’ve matched my skin with the shade 35(Coffee) and got the both type; Whitening and Pore control to try them out.

Laneige BB Cushion | Pore Control and Whitening

My Experience with Laneige BB Cushion:

First of all, when I found out Laneige BB cushion is offering deeper shades, that pleased me right away. Until now I was unable to find any BB cushion that doesn’t look white in my tawny skin. While I was trying them out in the launch event I was impressed by the finish of the Pore Control one right away thus I started using that one first. After a week or so I tried out the Whitening one.

Pore control one works just the way it claims. Once applied it does visibly smooth out skin and uneven skin tone, gives a semi-matte finish, feel super lightweight and last throughout the day. The whitening one also works the same way as it claims. Gives dewy finish, hydrating on the skin and long lasting. None of them gives any white cast either.

Laneige BB Cushion Pore Control annd Whitening Shade 35 Swatch

These BB cushions are meant to give a natural/transparent coverage. However, I find the Pore-control one gives a bit of better coverage than the Whitening one. I tried to wear the BB liquid in a layer for a fuller coverage; again Pore control one builds better while the Whitening one remains almost in a same translucent coverage. For the dark blemishes/spots I’ve, I was spot correcting them with a concealer. The BB cushion doesn’t really need to set with powder after application but for my habit, I do set them with my Ben Nye Neutral Set Powder and surprisingly they don’t lose their luminous characteristic (especially the Whitening one) even after setting the base with powder.

Although these BB cushions are long lasting, after 5/6 hours I do get some oiliness in my T-zone and sometimes my smile lines gets slightly obvious(those happy days when I laugh too much). But with Laneige BB cushion retouching has never been so easier! Trush me, you can just touch up with the cushion directly and it looks refreshed right away without giving any cakiness.

Another fact I must mention, I usually don’t like to use the puff that comes with it (only use it when I’m retouching) probably because I like the old school foundation application method. Also, it feels unhygienic to use the puff over and over thus is I use my beauty blender. Although beauty blender soaks up a lot of product that the puff it comes with yet I find the beauty blender is easier to clean after every use.


I believe, those who has flawless to almost flawless and young skin they’ll love the Laneige BB Cushion – Whitening. For my not-so-young and flawless skin, I love Laneige BB Cushion – Pore Control. I’ve used quite a lot of high-end to drugstore BB/CC creams so far. For everyday makeup, with a high SPF50+, this is the best product I’ve used so far. My current one is almost finished and I’m surely going to repurchase it.


Shopping Info:

Laneige BB Cushion – Whitening | RM159 (15g X 2)
Laneige BB Cushion – Pore Control | RM159 (15g X 2)
Available nationwide at Sephora, Aeon, Isetan, Parkson, or any Laneige Boutique.

*** PR Sample.
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  • Reply
    September 9, 2016 at 2:25 am

    Which shade did you use? And which shade is suitable for NC40-42

    • Reply
      Tamanna I.
      September 9, 2016 at 10:28 am

      I’m NC42 in Mac and Laneige 35 shade matches my skin

      • Reply
        September 11, 2016 at 4:15 pm

        Where would I find it in this shade online?

  • Reply
    Eva Yang
    August 28, 2016 at 8:24 pm

    I using Laneige BB cushion too and it started me on this love for bb cushion. Wow the new one sound even better when the current one already very impressive. Thanks for sharing!

  • Reply
    Sharon Lee
    August 26, 2016 at 5:08 pm

    I love LANEIGE BB cushion! So far for all the cushion I have, I only love Laneige brand XD hahaha But would love to try other brand in the market too. Can’t wait to try this latest edition bb cushion from Laneige =D

  • Reply
    cindyrina (@cindyrina)
    August 26, 2016 at 8:47 am

    I kind of love this one. I can’t leave hoe without it. You are gorgeous dear!

  • Reply
    Miera Nadhirah
    August 26, 2016 at 6:22 am

    I am a huge fan of Laneige BB Cushions and they do wonders for me….

    • Reply
      Tamanna I.
      August 26, 2016 at 7:55 am

      I know right, I’m completely impressed

  • Reply
    August 25, 2016 at 10:20 am

    i’ve been seing a lot of Ad on this… i’m usng Maybeline BB cushion.. i think i must give this a try since my maybeline one is finishing! Thanks for the review!

    • Reply
      Tamanna I.
      August 25, 2016 at 4:23 pm

      I’ve seen the Malaybeline one, sadly they don’t have my shade 🙄 otherwise I would surely gave that a try

  • Reply
    August 25, 2016 at 12:03 am

    Thanks for sharing your experience using this product. Have been wondering what to get lately. Perhaps I should give this a try.

  • Reply
    Sharmini Nicholas
    August 24, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    I always have problem finding the right shade for my skin tone (dark). This product gives me hope! 😉

  • Reply
    Jeann Liew
    August 24, 2016 at 5:11 pm

    I am so glad that you have finally found one BB cushion that works well for you in terms of shades. It is so convenient, right? These days, I realised I reach out to cushions more often than not. But I still enjoy a good old liquid foundation when I am not in a hurry when I do my makeup, haha *_^

    Lovely post, dearie. Hope you are enjoying your week so far!

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ

    • Reply
      Tamanna I.
      August 25, 2016 at 4:26 pm

      Thanks goes to you dearie. You remember how I was hesitant to attend the launch event, thought ultimately I won’t find my shade. I got so happy seeing that finally Laneige thought about dark skin girls.

      Bear hug 😘

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