LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold

LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Glod

I have been searching a pure gold nailpolish for long until I picked up this baby LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold! Its not any new product but I was avoiding this for long… It doesn’t come in its ultimate look normally, there is a little trick. I was totally unaware of that.

Probably for 4/5 month I was hunting a gold nailpoliosh yet couldnt find a single one which was close to my desire color. I was tired and my lust for gold nail was high, finally I had no option but picking up LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold. I didn’t have much expectation from this one because while I swatch it in store it showed up pale kinda gold!

Got back home and applied the polish, I was upset.. it was definitely not that gold I wanted but until then.. I applied my top coat.. the color turned into the perfect gold and in a foil finish!! HOLLA…I literally screamed with joy!! Yes that is the trick, LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold turned in it full form after applying top coat 🙂

LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold
LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold

I instantly fall in love with this LASplash Chrome Nailpolish. However, because of the foil finish it doesn’t last long. It tends to peel off with contact of water, mine last only 2days. Therefore I dont mind its lasting power only for its freaking awesome color and finish. This is definitely a perfect gold and suitable for special occasions 🙂

LASplash Chrome Nailpolish in Gold is available in any Lasplash counter, worth BDT 200/-


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