Guilt Mumble !!!

Guilt mumble, about what?! …The ‘shopaholism’ sickness!! A girl doesn’t born with that or do they? I don’t know…!! It was just 5/6 year before, I remember buying products only after finishing one! My interest majorly roam around beauty product hence its now spreading…. to every single useless stuff!! Sometimes I blame that I started blogging, its like the more you know, the more your desire list grows up! But again I think its only me and my mind! I buy things which are not necessary then I through them in drawer, forget about them and again start to think what to buy next! It wouldn’t feel bad if those stuff come in to use atleast for once!!!
I deeply feel sad for my money and me!!! However, Just made a $100 damage then thought to write this post.. why?.. I should have some written evidence to this cure shoppy-sick mind! This guild should never get chance to grow more, Phew…….!!

Take Care all you beautiful people.


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    tanjida tuba
    September 20, 2014 at 9:44 pm

    I exactly know what you are talking about. For me it wasn’t so severe before too. But now i just shop to make me happy or like i have buy something new! Kind of seems like a eating disorder :P :/

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