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Completely didn’t see the Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection coming but almost suddenly it felt dropped in front. Hello… I’m a JLO fan so this collection was quite exciting for me. When I got the JLOxINGLOT products in hand I instantly fell in love with them because the whole collection simple screams JLO herself.

[On another news, if you’re a reader from Bangladesh then did you know that Ingot just recently opened their first store in Dhaka? Isn’t it exciting? I’m super excited to drop by the Ingot Bangladesh, Dhaka store and can’t wait for my next visit to Bangladesh!]

About INGLOT Cosmetics, there is one product, Duraline that I can’t simply think without. There is always one bottle of Duraline I’ve in my vanity to help when I’m in a makeup SOS situation. Have I ever talked about Duraline before? Can’t remember now. If not then I’ll share the uses of Duraline later in some post. Let me know if you’re interested 🙂

Apart from Duraline I also love Inglot eyeshadows and the AMC black liner of course. In 2016 I ran out of my AMC liner and for almost 6 months I looked for it to repurchase. But unfortunately, all Inglot stores in KL was always out of stock for that Black AMC gel liner… Phew!

Anyways… today’s post is not about those but my new INGLOT makeup from the Jennifer Lopez Collection. This JLOxINGLOT collection is pretty huge and the good part is that they are not limited edition. So nothing to rush but you can pick your JLO makeup with the peace of time!

Let me share with you what I have here with me…

Freedom System Palette – J FSFC

I always wanted an Inglot freedom system palette. As because I’ve other empty palettes to house my single eyeshadow pans so was always lazy to buy one from Inglot. Was late but I think I have the coolest one now 😀

There are four types of Freedom System Palettes are available for this JLOxINGLOT collection. The one I’ve here is the biggest among the four. Just like all Inglot Freedom System palette, it’s a well made empty magnetic palette. The only difference is that this palette comes with a special JLOxINGLOT Collection design, unlike a regular Inglot FS palette.

If you’re not keen to collect the Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection then it’s better to buy a regular freedom system palette. Because the largest freedom system palette is a dollar or two cheaper than this one. Additionally, the regular, large freedom system palette can house more eyeshadow/powder pans compared to this palette from the Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection

Freedom System Eyeshadows – JLOxInglot collection

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection comes with 20 eyeshadow in total. I’ve here 4 eyeshadows from the collection.

  • J327 Charcoal – This shadow has a signature Inglot DS finish (has visible glitter particles in it). Although it is named charcoal the shadow is not really a charcoal black shade. The shade is lean to grey in color and with the yellow glitter particle, it looks like a gunmetal color. If used wet it gives a deep sparkly gunmetal shade.
  • J339 Copper – This shadow has a pearl finish and a perfect copper shade. The pigmentation of it simply mindblowing like all other Inglot shadows.
  • J315 Sienna – This shadow has a matte finish and my most favorite among all Inglot eyeshadows I’ve. It’s a burnt orange shade and a must have if you love warm eyeshadows. Also, a great eyeshadow to use as a transitional shade.
  • J307 Lilac Grey – This has a pearl finish and its a pure grey with lilac undertone. You’ll love this if you love this cool tone shade.

Swatches below are without any eyeshadow primer or eyeshadow base. However, they are heavily swatched using an eyeshadow brush.

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection - eyshadow, sculpting powder and highlighter Trio Swatch | JLO glow

HD Highlighter Trio – Gold Dust

There is 2 shade of HD highlighter Trio available in Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection, Gold Dust, and Silver Dust. The one I’ve is called Gold Dust (picture and swatch above). There are 3 shades of highlighter housed in the pan. One is tan gold in shade, one is slightly peachy and the last one is the lightest white in a slightly pink tone. If you mix all three shade they give a peachy gold highlighter shade.

The highlighter, mixed altogether or alone, gives a very subtle sheen on the skin. Before using this I thought it would be eye-catching but it’s now. This HD Highlighter Trio turns out as an everyday type of highlighter.

HD Sculpting POwder – Cocoa 4

There are 6 shades of HD Sculpting Powder available in the JLOxINGLOT collection. I’ve here the shade Cocoa 4. Initially, I thought it’s going to be too deep for my skin. When I applied it the shade seems just perfect. The JLOxINGLOT HD Sculpting Powder has a smooth finish and it applies to the skin very nicely without being patchy.

Compared to other sculpting powder I’ve like Kat Von D’s or so this is way more easy to use. Because the pigment doesn’t appear full opaque with one swipe of brush but it is a buildable formula. This was my first time using any INGLOT HD Sculpting Powder and I’m simply in love with it.

Everyday look below using Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection | JLO glow

This look I created randomly using all the products I’ve from the Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection. I’ve used Sienna mixed with Lilac Grey in the outer socket of my eyes. Used a bit of copper on in the middle part. The lightest shade from the HD Highlighter Trio I’ve applied in the innermost corner of my eyes. Created a shorty kinda wing with the eyeshadow Charcoal using a damp eyeliner brush.

To contour my face I’ve used HD Sculpting powder, Cocoa 4. AS my highlighter I applied a mix of all shades from the HD Highlighter Trio.

In case if you’re curious, I’ve used Benefit GAlifornia Blush and MAC Kinda Sexy lipstick for this look.

I didn’t create this look to feature on the blog but it was for a random outing while I was trying out all the product. Before writing this post for Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection I remembered that I didn’t capture any photos wearing the Face and body highlighter which is definitely the star of the whole collection. Thus the JLO Glow look is yet to come… haha!

Livin’ The Highlight Face and Body Illuminator – Luminous

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection - Living the highlight highlighter, luminous | JLO glow

There are two shades available for this Face and Body Illuminator in the Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection, Luminous and Radiant. They both come in a 2.5g jar with a puff applicator. I’m happy that at least the jar has a sifter lid. Otherwise, it’s a messy job to take out the dust to use it only as a highlighter for the face. If you’re aiming to use it for the body then the puff applicator is perfect. For the face, the puff applicator has no use.

One interesting fact, the size of the jar will give you the feeling that you’ll need two lifetimes to finish it… haha!

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection - Living the highlight highlighter, luminous | JLO glow

This illuminator is a seriously intense illuminator and you must be very careful while using it on the face. You’ll need a little dab of the brush to cover the whole face. Also, make sure to tap off the excess highlighter from the brush before applying on the face.

Within my experience, a thin yet dense fan brush (Sigma Beauty F42) works the best with this Jennifer Lopez Inglot Livin’ The Highlight, Luminous, highlighter.

Swatch of Livin’ The Highlight Face and Body Illuminator – Luminous

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection - Living the highlight highlighter, luminous | JLO glow

The picture above, I’ve used the Sigma Beauty strobing fan brush to swatch the Livin’ The Highlight, Luminous, Face and Body Illuminator. There was no primer or any such thing been used bere doing the swatch.

To conclude,

I like all the products from Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection I’ve now except the HD Highlighter Trio. The HD Highlighter Trio was a bit turn off to me according to my expectation. However, Its a great highlighter for everyday use.

I’m eyeing on the blushes from Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection, I might grab one anytime soon.

Have you got anything from Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection? What’s that one product you love the most and I should try as well?

Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection - eyshadow, sculpting powder, highlighter Trio and Face & body highlighter | JLO glow


Shopping Info: Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection

Freedom System Eyeshadows | MYR 50.00
HD Highlighter Trio – Gold Dust | MYR 105.00
HD Sculpting POwder – Cocoa 4 | MYR 75.00
Livin’ The Highlight Face and Body Illuminator – Luminous | MYR 90.00
Freedom System Palette – J FSFC | MYR 110.00

All price I mentioned here was including GST. Since 1st June GST has been withdrawn from the Malaysian market thus the price might vary.
Jennifer Lopez Inglot collection is available at Inglot boutiques, Malaysia.



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