Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel Contact Lens – my eye approves?

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Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel contact lens, monthly, aren’t new in the market, they have been here for quite long now. You must have noticed my previous post on Lacelle Diamond Daily lenses. I have been loving them for a long time now. The Champagne Brown and Aqua Glacier is my go to whenever I’m wearing color contact lenses.

Bausch+Lomb Malaysia sent me a pair of Lacelle Jewel contact lens in shade Sapphire Blue to try out, a couple of weeks ago. When I got this color I was so excited. This combination of deep blue, sorta black and gray I was really keen on and in fact been looking for a while.


Bausch+Lomb Lacelle Jewel Contact Lens Specification:

Its a monthly disposable colored contact lend. They have 7 colors, Melanite Black, Topaz Brown, Crystal Grey, Amber Brown, Amethyst Violet, Sapphire Blue, and Peridot Green in their range. These lenses featured an unique jewel pattern that gives eyes depth and brilliance. They are made of polymacon, has .078mm thickness and water content of 38% that claims to assure comfort.


As I’ve been a fan of Bausch+Lom Lacelle diamonds daily so I was sure that I’ll enjoy their monthlies as well. But there comes the twist. The lens, not both but only the one of my right eye that has zero power turned out to be itchy. It was also moving all around my eyes. The other one in my left eye with (minus) -1 power was doing fine. The first day I thought it must be my problem, there might be some dust or so on the lens. And so late I cleaned the lens well and gave it another try.

The first day I thought it must be my problem, there might be some dust or so on the lens. And so late I cleaned the lens well and gave it another try. Sadly it was same itchy and intolerable. Then again, I gave it a third try but it was all same and my eye couldn’t even wear it for 5 minutes. I was kinda heartbroken as I liked the color so much.

I obviously trashed it at last. There was some issue with the lens for sure. It might be only with the one I had. Because the Bausch+Lom Lacelle Diamon daily lenses I’m using has never occurred such issue. It’s been more than a year continuously using them.


Have you had such experience? What is your favorite colored contact lens? 



Shopping Info:

Bausch + Lomb Jewel Contact Lens retails for RM68 per box (2pc).
Available at all major optical stores here in Malaysia.




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