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…another successful DIY of mine. Just made this yesterday. My Thanks to all those you-tubers who vloged their hard work and creativity as I learned this DIY process from youtube.

I thought to make a tutorial post about this DIY Ring Organizer but it was super hard to make and get the perfect piece. I totally messed up in between and even don’t know how did I finish it! ;p ..just made it somehow. That’s why I’m not able to post detailed DIY.

Though, I’m including some details that might help you…

Ring Organizer
box i used

things you’ll need:

5mm foam
  • a box, can be any box but needs to be hard enough to stay in shape and to carry all your rings.
  • any kind of fabric by what you’ll cover your box.
  • glue to fasten fabric with the box. you can use fabric glue or super glue. but applying glue would be easier if you use a glue gun.
  • foam to fill the lining for rings. I used 5mm foam
  • some ribbon or lace to ornament your box


Ring Organizer
ribbon n fabric
    • 1st, measure fabric according to the box measurement as you can cover the whole box (both body and lead)
    • cover up the box, use glue to attach the fabric.
    • measure width of your box and cut out pieces from foam and fabric according to this measurement.
    • now make rolls using foam and fabric. those are gonna go in your box to make a partition for your ring. The thickness of rolls will depend on your assumption. attach them into the box with glue.
    • your main work should be done by now.
    • Its time to ornament. use anything you like…might be lace, ribbons, buttons or stones…
  • AND… hopefully, you are done making your ring organizer.
Ring Organizer
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