Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Eyeliner Black(886)

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The cosmetic shop LOOK, BD sent me Wet n Wild Mega Eyes Cream Eyeliner Black(886) for reviewing purpose. I’m here today to write about the product.
Keep in mind, my reviews are completely based on my honest opinion, I’m not being paid or biased by anyone to do this.


Lets get started…
Wet n Wild Mega eyes cream eyeliner Black(886)!!
(…Alert!!! A picture heavy post!)
As you can see from the picture, Wet n Wild Mega eyes cream eyeliner Black(886) comes in a plastic cartoon and a glass looking transparent plastic pot. The pot also comes in a sealed plastic wrap. A small brush is also provided with it which i suppose meant to use for applying the liner. 
Good thing I first noticed that this product is cruelty free, not tested on animal, who doesn’t appreciate that! 
Have a look at the ingredient and the claims mentioned in the packaging…..
When you will open the lid you’ll see its sealed from inside aswell. You’ll need to peel off the seal to get the product. The pot itself is very good in quality but the lid is a bit cheap looking. 
The provided brush is literally bad in quality, too fat and uneven to use for applying eyeliner. Even when i first saw the brush, bristles were falling apart(see the picture). This is just gonna do nothing, You’ll ofcourse need to use other eyeliner brush to apply the liner.
When I opened the sealed pot I saw the Liner already started drying from the edge as you can see from the picture. I was confused a bit, it is a cream liner i wasnt suppose to dry while its new. However, then I checked it with my eyeliner brush, It was nice and ok. Phew…. I guess, this product is going to dry fast and I’ll have to take good care of it to prevent from drying.
The product is really smooth and creamy in consistency and color is opaque. Applies nicely, dries quickly while applying yet gives enough time if you want to smudge it and  lasts forever without fading. yeh, I’m satisfied with the quality.
Now, this product is not waterproof but seriously smudge proof. Picture shown below, I tried to remove it with a tissue after swatch and give few really good rub though it didnt smear at all just faded. In this point i loved it.
Here is some picture wearing Wet n Wild Mega eyes cream eyeliner Black(886) both in my upper and lower lash line.
Overall, I’ll say Wet n Wild Mega eyes cream eyeliner Black(886) is a satisfactory product as well as budget friendly. Give it a try if you looking for a cream eyeliner.
***but but.. one biggest drawback that i found, within a month the whole pot dried out. This was totally disappointing, I used it not more than 8/10 times.

Many thanks for reading, I’ll be here soon with a new post. Do comment and follow.
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    Afrin Anis Rahman
    December 1, 2013 at 7:12 am

    apu kon mascara ta use korso?

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