Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush Set | Upscale your skincare game by assuring comfort PLUS hygiene

Have you tried a brush in your skincare routine to apply those skincare products? My skincare game went up a notch since I’ve been using Sigma Beauty Skincare Brush set in my skincare routine. These Sigma skincare brushes feel so gentle (almost like gives a skin massage) while applying skincare products with them. Sigma Skincare […] READ MORE

Sigma Beauty Structural Lashes Mascara

A couple of weeks ago I got the new Sigma Beauty Structural Lashes Mascara, all three of them 🙂 Sigma Beauty very recently launched their first mascara line, ‘Structural Lashes’ with a unique concept – one formula, three different (volume, length, curl) style! This ‘Structural Lashes’ mascara line offers three... READ MORE