i have been waiting sooooo long for this package to come…..

ages ago…i mean around in first of January i did some online shopping from UK. as because i don’t live there anymore so i had to post my products to one of my friends. and start waiting when he will send that to me here in Bangladesh. well, every one is busy with their life, so he took 3 month to post. i was pretty worried, is it gonna com or not… last time one of my package was missing. why, my friend always write wrong address… !!!! and also he did the same thing, wrote wrong address, but luckily he include phone number…. anyways, royal mail took 2 weeks to deliver my package. i was so happy yesterday when postal department called me to pic my parcel.

its nothing special… but yeh this are some stuff that i wanted….

these are the stuff i got…. some makeup and some essentials…

lot more to write about these products. first impression, reviews will be up gradually… keep connected please 🙂

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