Ioni Lipstick in shade Sexy Fuchsia
Hello there Beautiful,
TodayI’mm reviewing another lipstick by Ioni cosmetic. It’s from their matte range, called ‘sexy fuchsia’. Worth: BDT 150/-

Ioni Lipstick swatch | Sexy Fuchsia

About the color

Sexy Fuchsia is a muted true fuchsia which is pretty close to Cabernet(review here) but a bit intensified. The color shows up more bright in the light. If you are a fuchsia lover then you gonna love to wear Sexy fuchsia by Ioni every day.
Ioni Lipstick swatch | Sexy Fuchsia

My Experience with Ioni Sexy Fuchsia

Packaging is simple, smart looking but not durable enough. You might get crack on lid and lipstick might come off from the tube during rough use. Smells somewhat sweet but last for few minute after applying and won’t smell anything after a while. Finish is creamy but turned out nice matte after applying yet not drying at all. Last so long even if you eat or drink. Will leave strong stain throughout the day unless you remove it with your makeup remover.
Overall, I don’t hate anything about this lipstick. In fact, I love the shade. After all, what else you can expect with this budget price! Strongly recommend this product if you looking for a budget friendly but a quality product.



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    • SHABAB -

    • July 31, 2013 at 04:29 am

    onekta kareena kappor er heroine song er color tar oto?btw ,ei chobir base routine ta ki oi
    “medium”…wat r the products u used? -shwarna khan

  1. the colour is lovely 🙂
    in d 2nd pic was d lipstick sweating?

    1. no its the oil contained in lipstick.

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