Breena VelvetCreme Liquid Lipstick

Breena Beauty VelvetCreme Review and Swatch | Are these liquid lipsticks worth buying?

Breena VelvetCreme, yes! VelvetCream, not Velvetines, read it right ya because I’ve been struggling to say them right as well…haha Breena Beauty, a solely Malaysian Beauty Brand, very recently launched their liquid lipsticks in the market. The packaging gives me a hint of Dose Of Colors liquid lipsticks somehow but with their sleek gold accent design and all, it’s…

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LA Splash Lip Couture

LA Splash Lip Couture | Review & Swatch

Probably you have already noticed there is a huge liquid lipstick wave flowing everywhere. Every brand has or even if they don’t yet they are coming up with their liquid lipstick range. I also kinda love liquid lipstick because of their long lasting formula. Today I’ll be reviewing LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid lipstick. You might have…

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