DIY Hair Oil Recipe | For Hair Growth & Hair Shine

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This no expert recipe yet this is the hair oil recipe that I have been following myself for a long time now to keep my hair healthy. I personally hate any kind of oil but we all know oil is the most effective element when it comes to hydrate, penetrate, restore moisture in your hair. So I need to feed my hair with oil 🙂


Ingredients you need:

*Coconut oil 100ml
*Almond oil 50ml
*castor oil 50ml
*Olive oil 25ml
*Black cumin seed oil 25ml
*Fenugreek seed 100g
*Green amla 15-20pc


Crush amla and half of fenugreek seed in a blender then take them in a pan. Add all oils in it. Boil the mixture for 5 minutes. After boiling filter and dispose of the remaining of amla and fenugreek. Store the filtered oil in a jar and add rest half fenugreek in it. Let it rest overnight, after that the oil is ready to use.

You can also store the oil for a long time. A full jar of mine last around 4/5 months. To keep the oil fresh, put the jar in the sun at least once in a month.

Benefit of this Hair Oil:

I do oil therapy for my hair three times a week. Before applying I put the oil in the oven for 30sec to warm up  a bit. Then massage scalp as well as hair root to tip with this oil, keep it for 2/3 hours and then wash off normally with shampoo.
This oil effectively helps to restore moisture and shine in hair; as well as over the time it will accelerate hair growth. If you ask me about hair fall issue then I won’t be able to assure you much because I have been using it for long and my hair fall ratio always been the same.

Try the oil recipe, you might find it useful and don’t forget to let me know how it goes 🙂



  1. apu thnx for the tips…kon companyr oil use kore plz ektu bolben coz amar jui or parasut ja e use kori chul pore baki tel e somoshsha hoi na ei duita e tao apni ektu bolben apni kon kon tel gulu use korsen

  2. Can you suggest which shampoo to use. Though my hair is long I’m facing trouble with dryness and damaged hair. The root of my hair is oily to. Thank you for the oil recipe. Will be helpful if you suggest me on this problem. Thank you


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